Friday, October 31, 2008

mad about mocha

I was asked recently to do a custom order...there was a set in my shop with vintage celluloid ivory roses and portrait cameos. She wanted the roses a MOCHA color. I searched and searched all the sources I could think of, and finally broke down and asked a fantastic fellow seller and friend of mine on Etsy (MataHariJewelry) how on earth I could find the only ones vaguely close to what I needed were in Italy and would cost me about half what I would end up charging.
She told me that she had JUST been experimenting with dyeing the roses with RIT powder dye, and showed me the gorgeous outcome of her coral roses.
I decided to give it a go, using Cocoa Brown dye, and a little patience... after a few tries I was able to get the right shade for my customer, and now I am obsessed with dyeing everything mocha! I don't know what will happen when I get my hands on more colors...the possibilities are endless.

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