Monday, November 3, 2008

frosting couture-check her out!

I just discovered this awesome new shop on Etsy, HERE. I love her beautiful silk ribbon necklaces that double as headbands!
♥Frosting Couture♥
...and look at this gorgeous model!....
she was also sweet enough to write about me, here... you never know who you're going to meet when posting in the Etsy forums!


xoxo, frostingcouture said...

Thanks la belle savage!! I could have added your whole shop! :)
I will definitely be back!!

xoxo, frostingcouture said...

You've been TAGGED!
check out my blog for details!

Aurelia and Annalise said...

wow! what a beautiful blog and shop you have! Yeh that model is very pretty, *shes my little sister!*:)

La Belle Savage jewelry design said...

Thankyou! Yes, she's exceptionally beautiful. I'm sure you and your awesome sister from Frosting Couture are too! Thanks for stopping in :)